Technology Mastermind 2024

A program to leverage technology for your business or career.

- Join a mastermind to help you grow your technical business and career. -

Technology Mastermind 2024

Build A Business Or Your Career Roadmap.

- You will set and achieve your goals to grow your business or career. -

Technology Mastermind 2024

Start the new year with a mastermind group to see substantial growth.

- Invest a year and grow faster and more than you dreamed. -

Technology Mastermind 2024

Discounts for early applicants. Pay before Nov 1 and get 50% off.

- An early bird bonus, contact us ( if you want to fast track your application. -

Mastermind groups are a key to success.

  • You Can Not Do It Alone
  • Invaluable Feedback And Insight
  • Invest In Others And Yourself

"Maintain perfect harmony between yourself and every member of your mastermind group. If you fail to carry out this instruction to the letter, you may expect to meet with failure. The master mind principle cannot obtain where perfect harmony does not prevail." ~ Napoleon Hill

Develpreneur's Technology Mastermind 2024

Apply Today!

The application process for the 2024 launch is open, and you can apply here. We will evaluate every application and match applicants with team members who will be a good fit to help each other grow. This is the first step in joining the 2024 mastermind groups, and you will be kept current as we proceed through the process.

We will create teams by Jan 15th and contact member. First meetings will begin the week of Jan. 15th.

Our Mastermind Program

It will require a one-year commitment. However, this is a true mastermind program that will do its best to help every member grow their business and serve their customers better. The group leader has over thirty years of experience in business and has worked with small and large organizations. We will assess the best members for the group to form the best mastermind teams we can.


We ask for a year because we’ll work with you to set achievable goals. Those goals will include milestones and the steps required to achieve them. You will also get to know your group members, and they will get to know you. It is not quite a family, but it definitely will be a form of corporate board for your career or business. That investment takes time.

The Focus

We aim to build teams that connect, communicate, and support each member. That is where we have seen these programs succeed. Every member is engaged and driven to be better at the end of the session than they were at the beginning. You will be pushed and held accountable. It is an investment in your future and your company’s future, so we want to respect it and help you do the same. However, we also want the teams to build lasting relationships. The members will be a sounding board that goes far beyond the mastermind season.

Your Team

Your leader and team will provide insight, a sounding board, and accountability as you set goals and work to achieve them. You will be investing time and money into this program, and we want to ensure you get a strong ROI.

Mastermind Team Gatherings

The sessions will be two hours each and run every other week with a couple of breaks throughout the year. Members will present their current situation, including potential blockers, discuss goals, and come out of each meeting with their next steps. Buckle up for an exciting time.


We want to make this both affordable and enough of an investment to ensure everyone is serious about their future.
Our goal for every applicant is to push them to advance or increase business receipts to cover the cost of the class and more by the end of 2024. We will help you make this investment worthwhile.

The Bottom Line

$6000 - One Time Payment before November 15, 2023 ($100 down then full by Jan 15th).
$15000 - After Nov 15th. Payment plans differ in cost, contact us for discounts.

Apply Today! Final Deadline Dec 31st, 2023


Mastermind Group

The mastermind group raises the productivity of each individual and helps them drive towards their goals. Your teammates will push you to succeed and hold you accountable to your objectives.


Your teammates are the people you want to surround yourself with. They are driven to contribute to a better world through products, services, and innovation. They also see technology as a tool to help us advance our goals.

Leverage Technology

The business world requires those that lead to leverage technology for new solutions or improved productivity. However, there are obstacles and challenges to making the most of the rapidly evolving options. Each team has people who share your desire to make the best use of the tools and technology available.

Our Steps To Success

Our process builds teamwork and provides accountability

Save Your Spot. 50% Discount before Nov 15th